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non-woven fabrics


woven bags and jumbo bags are mostly made from pp, therefore are sensitive to aging especially after lengthy exposure in sunlight.

normally unprotected pp woven bags and jumbo bags are destroyed after 15 days. but the life span can be extended to more than 3 months with blending light stabilizers.

anti-aging requirements

woven bags : uv 313 accelerated aging for 144 hours (under specified parameters)

containerized bag : ultraviolet 313 accelerated aging for 200 hours (under specified parameters)


anti-aging additives : 770531196944, b215, the added amount is generally 2-5‰.

anti-aging master-batch : l-860, l-860s

spinning nylon


synthetics fibers are spinned from polymers,including polypropylene,polyester,nylon,spandex,acrylic fiber.due to the materials’ nature and their small diameter ,they are particular prone to aging,which appears as colour fading and brittleness.

anti-aging requirements

anti-aging requirements


polypropylene : 770, 944, 119, 622, l-860 (master-batch);

polyester: 119, 622, 326, 328, 531;

nylon: 114, 944, 119, 234;

spandex: 622, 119, 328

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