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jiang hua inspected the business operation of ecological chemical industrial park
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on the morning of july 25, jiang hua, deputy secretary of the district committee and party secretary of the party committee of the ecological chemical technology industrial park, led the staff to inspect the operation of the enterprise in suqian ecological chemical technology industrial park. jiang hua has inspected the hufu color textile, group ying textile, hua yi technology, zhongzhu medicine, yingsheng chemical industry, jinda industry and trade, liansheng acrylic, qilong brewing and other enterprises.
in the hufu color textile, jiang hua went deep into the workshop to see, and did not talk with the head of the company. at a later symposium, jiang asked the head of the company about the difficulties or problems encountered in the production and operation. when the understanding to the enterprise staff less, labor shortages, said jiang hua, staff to enterprise's loyalty and employees can work in the enterprise for a long time, and the degree of the enterprise concern for employees is inseparable, hope to change management ideas, enterprises improve enterprise culture and regular employees on humanistic quality education and training.
head of the science and technology in china, jiang hua and enterprises to carry on the discussion, when electricity is not stable and learn business staff dormitory is not acceptance, jiang hua requires accompanying staff quickly contact with relevant departments to unit, timely solve these problems, ensure the normal operation.
jiang hua, head of the line through to the on-site visit and discussion, to know that due to the influence of the economic environment, most basically reached the same level of the enterprise efficiency compared with the same period last year has been a steady rise in some enterprises, small enterprises have fallen. jiang hua hopes that the leaders of the company will pay close attention to the global economic problems, take out the solutions in a timely manner, tackle the difficulties and endeavor to make the enterprise run smoothly in a benign orbit. in terms of environmental protection, jiang hua hopes that enterprises will strengthen the treatment of sewage, waste gas and waste residue, strive to do environmental protection work, and maintain a good living environment and working environment. in terms of production safety, jiang hua hope enterprise should pay attention to production safety work under the high temperature heat, often to inspection and maintenance of the machine, to find problem timely maintenance, to ensure normal operation of the machine, for staff to do a good job in cooling purposes to ensure staff safety.

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