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2017 "liansheng" national rubber and plastic fertilizer industry chain innovation
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on the afternoon of june 28th, the three days of "2017" liansheng "national rubber and plastic fertilizer industry chain innovation and application peak bbs" was successfully closed in suqian. the bbs is the main guest of suqian liansheng group, with the support of several celebrities in the industry, the participation of various companies, more than 150 participants, and received many media attention from xinhua and other media.
bbs is the first to visit the two main factories of liansheng group. on the 26th, in liansheng old factory, group president lin junyi warmly leads everyone to visit the factory. in the subsidiary of wankang new materials, company general manager muk soup hospitality to lead the visit. during the visit, the group leader introduced the group's development history, product capacity, security responsibility, scientific and technological research and development, application research and development, and corporate culture. everywhere we go, we listen actively and ask questions actively. in the production workshop, someone close the product to observe carefully; in the area of product application construction, some people stopped to take photos for a long time. in the research and development center, some people ask questions, the company leaders answer... in the evening, liansheng held a high-end dinner for all the guests. at the table, with the melodious melody and graceful dance, everyone will push the cup and toast, thanks to liansheng for the wind and dust.
27, 28, in the five-star suqian hengli hotel, "2017" liansheng "national rubber and plastic fertilizer industry chain innovation and application peak bbs" officially opened. in bbs, lin junyi, president of the group, made a report on bbs and liu xu, minister of applied research and development of wankang, introduced the results of scientific research. the other 14 guests spoke in succession. after the discussion, we also conducted product promotion and other activities.
it is understood that in 2016, the commodity market in the macro forecast and supply side under the influence of structural adjustment, the overall out of the bottom price for many years, the supply and demand structure differences bring variety trend of differentiation. in 2017, as the supply side reform process to accelerate, and stricter environmental protection verification, will make more backward technology, the requirements of environmental protection is not pass chemical capacity gradually withdraw from the market, to form the whole chemical industry market is good; and rubber and plastic industry in china in recent years rapid development, drive the xiangsu industry growing, make our country become the world's largest rubber and plastic additives market, but also to the requirement of rubber additives in improving, in the varieties, quality and technical content, application field, etc, to present the new development trend, green, environmental protection, composite, elaboration, development and application of low carbon and high performance materials such as hot striking. at the same time, with the improvement of people's living quality, to health, safety and environmental protection is put forward higher request, this regulations is also increasingly strict, this makes nontoxic and harmless xiangsu the focus of development. how in the green, environmental protection, xiangsu compound, elaboration, development and application of low carbon and high performance materials and so on with foreign xiangsu shorten the distance, is a new topic in front of xiangsu domestic enterprises. in the face of the country's upgraded environmental policy and environmental supervision, the market of rubber and plastic additives will face a severe test in 2017.
in this context, how should rubber and plastic auxiliary enterprises carry out innovation reform? how to reduce enterprise operation risk through industrial chain integration? in the face of environmental pressure, how should enterprise production technology upgrade? can technological innovation drive new breakthroughs? how will the excess capacity caused by the expansion of the industry continue to ferment, and how will it be effectively alleviated? with the increasing contradiction between supply and demand, how to get out of the dilemma? what kind of development will be the downstream rubber and plastic additives industry?
it is based on the above situation, the industry leaders and senior experts of the conference will focus on the hot spots of the industry, explore new opportunities for the development of the industry, and jointly promote the development of rubber and plastic additives industry.
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